Stories (2009 – 2023)

“Mastication Station” (American Cannibal, 2023)

“Lovenest” (Looming Low Vol. II, 2022)


“The Gyrification of Violence” (Vastarien: A Literary Journal: Vol. 4, Issue 2: Fall, 2021)

“Pregnant Women and People with Heart Conditions” (Supernatural Tales, Vol. 47: Autumn, 2021)

“Feast Your Eyes On the Yawning Monotony of Humdrum Rot” (Nightscript, Vol. 7, 2021)

“Dirt On Vicky” (Something Good To Eat, 2020)

“Lisa’s Pieces” (Apostles of the Weird, 2020)

“Behemoth” (Pluto in Furs, 2019)

“Details That Would Otherwise Be Lost to Shadow” (Twice-Told:  A Collection of Doubles2019)

“The Pecking Order” (Weird Fiction Review, 2019)

“This Godless Apprenticeship” (Weirdbook, #40, 2018)

“Knot the Noose” (DM Du Jour, 2018)

“Fiending Apophenia” (Phantasm/Chimera:  An Anthology of Strange and Troubling Dreams, 2017)

“The Undertow, And They That Dwell Therein” (Nightscript:  Vol. 3—Chthonic Matter, 2017)

“By Goats Be Guided” (GNU Journal, 2016)

“The Fall of Tomlinson Hall; or, the Ballad of the Butcher’s Cart” (Mythic Indy—Second Story Press, 2016)

“Dirt On Vicky” (Best New Horror #26—PS Publishing, 2015)

“Animalhouse” (Nightscript: Vol. 1—Chthonic Matter, 2015)

“The Rive” (Xnoybis, Issue 1—Dunham’s Manor Press, 2015)

“The Tell-Tale Offal” (Weird Fiction Review, No. 4Centipede Press, 2014)

“Double Back” (Something Wicked Anthology of Speculative Fiction, Volume 2—Inkless Media, 2013)

“What Happens in Hell, Stays in Hell” (Hell—James Ward Kirk Fiction, 2013)

“Her Laugh” (I’ll Never Go Away, Vol. IIRainstorm Press, 2013)

“The Jellyfish” (Indiana Science Fiction—CreateSpace, 2012)

“Like Father, Like…” (Denizens of Darkness—Sam’s Dot Publishing, 2012)

“Mums” (genesis Magazine, IUPUI, 2012)

“Mistletoe” (Paper Nautilus, 2011)

“Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite” (British Fantasy Society Journal—BFS, 2011)

“Benthos” (Weird Fiction Review, No. 1Centipede Press, 2009)

“Ghouljaw” (genesis Magazine, IUPUI, 2009)