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“Smith is a real find, an elegant stylist with an imagination that’s unsettling, paranoid, gruesomely funny at times, and startlingly original.” — T.E.D. Klein

Clint Smith is the author of the collection Ghouljaw and Other Stories (Hippocampus Press, 2014), and the novella, When It’s Time For Dead Things to Die (Unnerving, 2019).  His sophomore collection, The Skeleton Melodies, is now available from Hippocampus Press.  

A former freelance writer, Clint’s non-fiction stories and columns have previously appeared in FARM Indiana MagazineSOUTH Magazine, the Southside Times, and the Indianapolis Star.

In 2018’s 21st-Century Horror:  Weird Fiction at the Turn of the Millenium, literary scholar and critic, S.T. Joshi, includes an essay segment titled, “Clint Smith:  Decaying Cities, Decaying Lives.”  “Smith is gifted with a mellifluous, eloquent prose that avoids the contrasting pitfalls of self-conscious literariness and excessively austere starkness,” writes Joshi, “portraying his grim scenarios with intensity and cumulative power.”

Clint lives in Indiana, along with his wife and children, just outside Deacon’s Creek.  Read more at


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  1. chef smith,
    art institute contacted me and want me to come in for a tour, and stuff. I told her about c9 and you working there for your evening class. her name was Rachel Thomas ? do you know her ? im supposed to go their Christmas break.

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