Paper Nautilus

Mobilis in Mobili

Last month, I followed up on a classified ad in Poets & Writers magazine, and a few days ago received some good news—confirmation that my short story “Mistletoe” would be published in the forthcoming issue of Paper Nautilus magazine (probably October, 2011).  “What’s a paper nautilus,” you ask?  Unless you’re Jacques Cousteau or Steve Zissou, the titular reference might be a little obscure.  Here’s a synopsis of what the publication is all about (from their website):  “Paper Nautilus is a literary magazine produced annually as of 2011.  We aim to feature high quality poetry and literary fiction written by both emerging and established writers.  Our mission is to select pieces that have a natural ‘perfection’ embedded into each one.”

For my readers who are Facebookers, please check out Paper Nautilus’s profile.  (And what the heck, go ahead and “like” them while you’re at it.)  And to read more about Paper Nautilus, click on the pic below: