THE SKELETON MELODIES: Allen Kell’s Video Promo for “Haunt Me Still”

Received the much-welcome notification that Allen Kell is up to his old tricks, providing  a musical excerpt-promo  (what I hope is the first installment of several) for my novella, “Haunt Me Still,” which can be found in my upcoming collection, The Skeleton Melodies.  


For those who need a refresher, Allen Kell is the lead singer and guitarist for the Indy band, Shadeland.  Tremendously creative as he is, Kell’s also generated several solo projects, and has produced a number of “soundtrack” pieces for my short stories.

THE SKELETON MELODIES: Cover-Art Reveal and Kindle Pre-Order


Over this past weekend, the inimitable Dan Sauer revealed cover art for my forthcoming collection, The Skeleton Melodies.  Both the creative teams at Hippocampus Press and Dan Sauer Design have been total pros to collaborate with during this process, and I owe both parties a note of gratitude as the project’s bones began to ossify.  

Adam Golaski has penned a superb, very-Golaski introduction (the book is worth the purchase for Adam’s intro alone), which calls to mind my appreciativeness to all those who supplied a blurb and early review — I should be able to share their sentiments in the weeks ahead.

The Kindle edition of The Skeleton Melodies is up for pre-order on Amazon for $6, with physical copies creeping around the corner.