Ghouljaw and Other Stories (Hippocampus Press, 2014)


“These smart, unsettling stories give us, with vivid detail, both the squalidly ordinary and the terrifyingly extraordinary-and make clear how closely the two are linked.” —Ben H. Winters, Edgar-Award-Winning author of The Last Policeman

“I have no doubt that Clint Smith will be heard from in the future as a leading practitioner of the modern weird tale. The stories in this collection testify not only to his literary potential but to his already significant accomplishments.”—From S. T. Joshi’s foreword

“Clint Smith’s Ghouljaw stories use vivid imagery to build intense close-ups that connect reader with character, then adds psychologies corrupted by sex, loss, betrayal, guilt, cowardice, denial, and that fatal flaw pomposity. With sprightly literate language he twists old motifs into new shapes of the rural gothic, often embodied in some of the spookiest “monsters from the id” yet imagined-creatures gory, squishy, bloody, witchy, wild. Not to forget a demonic “dog” that scared the bejesus out of me! The monsters of humanity, too, find new life here, as blood cults, avenging mystics, violent poachers, PTSD, and repressed memories incarnate. Clint Smith’s Ghouljaw releases into the reader’s world a darkness that teaches, shakes, and warns. Read and after a night of tossing sleep you’ll awaken changed. For the better? Well, as it is with Smith’s characters, that matter’s up to you.”—Jim Powell, MFA, Senior Lecturer, IUPUI


July 18, 2014:  Review from Publishers Weekly:  Ghouljaw and Other Stories

June 14, 2014:  Review of Ghouljaw and Other Stories by C.M. Muller“I, Ghouljaw”

April 26, 2014:  Review of Ghouljaw and Other Stories by Seregil of Rhiminee at Risingshadow.

When It’s Time For Dead Things To Die (Dunham’s Manor Press, 2015)



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