SOUTH Magazine Interview: “Cooking Up Horror”

The Fall, 2020 issue of South Magazine contains my interview with columnist Kaylin Brian titled, “Cooking Up Horror.” In addition to discussing The Skeleton Melodies (Hippocampus Press, 2020), our conversation covers my occupation and culinary vocations, a bit of my writing background, and the relationship between the craftsmanship of cooking and the disciplines of storytelling.

The themes [in The Skeleton Melodies] include a lot of reflection about being a father and husband. Those are things that were on my mind during the creation of the stories. I’d also say there is a bit more conscience; I’ve really tried to push the characters to not so much be working on themselves but to work on rectifying problems with each other.”

“Cooking Up Horror” by Kaylin Brian: South Magazine, Fall, 2020
“Cooking Up Horror” by Kaylin Brian: South Magazine, Fall, 2020

A Phantom Reappears In Forthcoming SOMETHING GOOD TO EAT Halloween Anthology

One of the first fiction pieces I wrote, and which I felt possessed some semblance of value, was a story titled “Dirt On Vicky.”  It won the 2011 Scare The Dickens Out Of Us ghost story contest, and was later printed in both Ghouljaw and Best New Horror #26.

This humble tale will be reprinted in the forthcoming Halloween anthology, Something Good To Eat (Demon’s Dreaming Press), with cover art from Morbid Comics illustrator Trevor Markwart.


Cover Art by Trevor Markwart

Updates to come with the (swiftly) approaching Halloween season…