The Idyll’s of Jim Faulkner’s Indiana

This memory popped up a couple days ago, and — considering the suitability of the season — it’s prime for re-appraisal.

“The Woods,” by Jim Faulkner

Back in 2008, I participated in the Arts Kaleidoscope exhibition in Muncie, Indiana — an event (at the unfortunately erstwhile Gallery 308) which paired writers with visual artists, the former creating works inspired by the latter.  I was privileged to get matched up with painter Jim Faulkner, a regional legend of sorts who passed away last January.  In a May, 2021 story for the Muncie Journal, Faulkner was called the “Ambassador of Indiana’s Beauty.”

My task was to create a poem that paid tribute to Faulkner’s simply-titled watercolor, “The Woods,” while imparting my own voice and style.  What I came up with was the following poem, “Heckle and Jeckle’s Catch-22.”


About eight months ago, I had an impromptu conversation with an old friend, Allen Kell—front man for the band SHADELAND, who’s also produced his own solo material under KELL. The result of that collaborative brainstorming session is this: GHOULJAW: the Soundtrack—14 songs inspired by the 14 stories which appear in the forthcoming short story collection, Ghouljaw and Other Stories.

Ghouljaw soundtrack red

My creative comrade Kell has invested a woeful amount of time and energy into this unique project—a comingling of music and spoken word—and it’s reflected in the quality of the album.

Ghouljaw: the Soundtrack is available on iTunes for $10 and cdbaby for $8.  Give the song previews and track excerpts a test run—you won’t be disappointed.

Another big thanks to the galactically talented Kell.