The Miskatonic Review: “The Undertow, and They That Dwell Therein”

A contemplative analysis of my short story, “The Undertow, and They That Dwell Therein” (the second story in The Skeleton Melodies), has drifted to the surface at The Miskatonic Review, courtesy of The Bibliothecar.

Them Bones

Heading into an extended weekend, received an encouraging endorsement from the inimitable Mike Davis with the Lovecraft eZine. Mike has a keen calibration on the contemporary pulse of fiction, which makes his shoutout even more gratifying:

“Only a few stories in,” wrote Mike, “but so far The Skeleton Melodies…is fantastic.” He goes on to mention some of my own literary heroes (Klein, Langan, Barron) who supplied some (inconceivably) generous sentiments.

In truth, the pride I possess for this collection is eclipsed by my gratitude and obligation to those who contributed a sentiment to the stories in this book: