LOOMING LOW, Vol. II Now Available!

I’ve mentioned it before, but it looks like the physical-copy rollout is official. Looming Low, Vol. II is now available by the good people at Dim Shores, with my story, “Lovenest,” appearing on a roster of woefully-talented writers. Check out the trailer for Looming Low, Vol. II created by Lena Griffin. The paperback edition is coming at you (at a steal) with the price tag of $22, while the limited edition, hand-numbered hardback clocks in at a wholly-reasonable $40.

In “Lovenest,” I return to themes of relational decay and carnality amid a prolonged razing of a Midwest motel. Along with a bat-creature attack and an onslaught of reanimated corpses, it’s one of my wilder stories that’s been published.

“Sex and Character,” Alois Kolb (1903)
“Each Night a Dream Visits Us,” Alfred Kubin (1903)

And I’m privileged to share a table of contents along with this stunning, literary lineup:

  • Kurt Fawver – “Radius Unknown”
  • Alvaro Zinos-Amaro – “Undo”
  • Brian Evenson – “Vigil in the Inner Room”
  • Michael Kelly – “Dead but Dreaming Still”
  • Gwendolyn Kiste – “To the Progeny Forsaken”
  • Anya Martin – “The Other Cat”
  • Clint Smith – “Lovenest”
  • Jeffrey Thomas – “Strangler Fig”
  • Simon Strantzas – “Still Packed”
  • Brooke Warra – “We Don’t Live Here Anymore”
  • Michael Griffin – “We Spend Weekends With Dad”
  • Matthew M. Bartlett – “The Cryptic Jape”
  • Craig Laurance Gidney – “Impz”
  • Cody Goodfellow – “Protect & Serve”
  • David Peak – “Zones Without Names”
  • Erica Ruppert – “Ex Astris”
  • Richard Gavin – “The Intercessor”
  • Kaaron Warren – “Songs We Sing at Sea”
  • S.P. Miskowski – “Across the Darkness”
  • A.C. Wise – “Into the Green”
  • Gemma Files – “Bb Minor”
  • Nadia Bulkin – “Your Heart is a House on Fire”
Cover Design by Yves Tourigny

Update: LOOMING LOW, Volume II: Cover-Art Draft Reveal

For such a typically listless segment of the winter season, I’m grateful to have several irons in various fires. In an attempt to catch up, I’m circling back around to an update from Dim Shores, who recently released a cover draft for their forthcoming project, Looming Low, Volume II, a follow-up to the award-winning Looming Low Volume I (2017). The design comes courtesy of the ever-brilliant Yves Tourigny.

Sustained is my gratitude for landing a piece in this anthology. My story, “Lovenest,” will appear alongside an oppressively impressive roster of colleagues (alphabetically listed — actual order TBD):