Hellnotes Review of AMERICAN CANNIBAL

Praise continues for the Rebecca Rowland project, American Cannibal (Maenad Press, 2023). Over at Hellnotes, Elaine Pascale extends some generous sentiments in her review of the anthology, wherein my story, “Mastication Station,” receives a nod.

“[‘Mastication Station’] really grew on me,” writes Pascale. “It had a slow burn and some thoughtful prose that made me want to take my time reading. For example, Smith writes, ‘Nature possesses a signature creativity when devising her demises, with how she crafts her cataclysms. But what had occurred at Johnstown had purely been an exhibition in the artistic incompetence of man.’ The story is set immediately after the flood, and the main character is on a heroic journey. He eventually learns that there are creative twists to the narrative of life and death.”

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