Adam Golaski’s COLOR PLATES: A Live Performance by Stories on Stage

A narrow window of opportunity presents itself in the weeks ahead, as Stories On Stage is set to feature Adam Golaski’s Color Plates in a virtual, live-streaming performance at 7 p.m. (MT) Friday April 9, 2021. Several stories from Color Plates (2010) have been adapted for this live performance interpreted by actors Randy Moore, Anne Penner, and Geoffrey Kent. (The program is sponsored by Isabelle Clark.)

“The Dance Class,” Degas (1874)

Golaski’s Color Plates is an exercise in ekphrasis: a literary commentary on a work of art. Sixty-three short tales, or “plates,” compose Golaski’s volume, with the book housing stories inspired by Edgar Degas, Édouard Manet, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, along with a “sort-of” curator in Mary Cassatt. During the live play, the paintings on which the stories are based will be paired with the performance.

Stories on Stage selected several of the ‘Sister/Brother’ stories,” Golaski recently shared with me, and “throughout the book Sister & Brother appear, at different ages in different situations. My favorite is the Tolouse-Lautrec inspired story where cousins of Sister & Brother perform an indoor mini-circus…[b]ut Stories on Stage also chose stories outside that cycle,” including Degas’ “Young Spartans Exercising,” examining, writes Golaski, “a high school boy’s desperate crush.”

Adam Golaski wrote the introduction (“The Profane Articulation of Truth”) to my short story collection, The Skeleton Melodies (Hippocampus Press). And while I deem him a friend, he is above all a literary ally and creative colleague. If you consider yourself saturated in the disciplines of reading-writing reciprocity, you’d benefit from acquainting yourself with Golaski’s uncommon craft.

Short Story, “Feast Your Eyes,” to Appear in NIGHTSCRIPT, Vol. VII

Cover Art Courtesy of Jana Heidersdorf

Received word that my short story, “Feast Your Eyes on the Yawning Monotony of Humdrum Rot,” will appear in the forthcoming installment of C.M. Muller’s Nightscript, Volume 7, featuring absolutely stunning cover art by Jana Heidersdorf.

I’m certain more will make announcements in due time, but I have word from my colleagues, Douglas Ford (Ape in the Ring: & Other Tales of the Macabre and Uncanny) and Joshua Rex (What’s Coming For You) that they too will contribute stories to this edition of Nightscript.

This particular tale was constructed with the (fictional) setting as the centerpiece: the Mooring Cove Inn situated in a vague province along the coast of Lake Michigan. My characters find themselves lodged in this novelty, tourist-attraction of a hotel on New Year’s Eve, 2000. There is, indeed, a party of sorts; but, for my protagonist, the Gregorian festivity (and time itself) slips into the a rather grim event. Keep your “eyes” peeled on the noble month of October, 2021.

A diagram of naval shipworms, a.k.a. “termites of the sea”

UPDATE: Table of contents for Nightscript, Vol. VII announced on C.M. Muller’s site, wherein I find myself in profoundly talented company…

1. “Feast Your Eyes on the Yawning Monotony of Humdrum Rot” — Clint Smith

2. “The Passing” — Joshua Rex

3. “When Sleep At Last — Douglas Thompson

4. “The Summer King’s Day” — Timothy Granville

5. “Roadkill” — Elin Olausson

6. “It Looked Like Her” — Gordon Brown

7. “Little Gods To Live In Them” — David Surface

8. “We Are The Gorillas” — Douglas Ford

9. “The Body Trick” — Alexander James

10. “Feed” — Jason A. Wyckoff

11. “’Neath The Mirror Of The Sea” — Rhonda Eikamp

12. “Clipped Wings” — Steve Toase

13. “The Cardboard Voice” — Tim Major

14. “The Validations” — Ashley Stokes

15. “A Perfect Doll” — Regina Garza Mitchell

16. “Madam and Yves” — Marc Joan

17. “The Delf” — Danny Rhodes

18. “Where the Oxen Turned the Plow” — Charles Wilkinson

19. “Feast of Fools: A Heartwarming Holiday Romance” — LC von Hessen

Nightscript, Volume VII will be released on October 1st, 2021.