Paper Nautilus

When time allows, drop by the Paper Nautilus website, or check out their Facebook page.  It looks like you can pick up the inaugural hardcopy issue for $8 (or 2 for $15).  My short story “Mistletoe” (a 2009 AWP selection) is included in this 2011 installment.  Here’s an excerpt from editor Lisa Magini:

“Paper Nautilus was born out of a desire to support other writers.  This might just be me, but I feel like writers often get mixed messages:  eReading devices are marketed as the perfect gift, when the arts—literature included—are often hit the hardest by school budget cuts; there’s this pervasive echo that seems to insist that ‘nobody reads anymore’ or ‘literature doesn’t matter,’ and it’s still exceedingly difficult for many writers to place their work.  While Paper Nautilus is competitive—we received nearly 400 submissions in six months—we’re proud to showcase a wide variety of contributors, ranging from those published in The New Yorker to those whose very first publications are featured on the pages that follow.”

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